Rules & Regulations



  1. Follow basic firearm safety rules
  2. No high shouldering
  3. Staff is not authorized to handle, unjam or repair firearms
  4. Only shooters or a supervisor are allowed in the range
  5. Shooting is only allowed when the range is open and light is on
  6. Fire only toward the backstop down range
  7. You will be held responsible for any damage to the facility from errant shooting
  8. Absolutely NO outside shotgun ammo
  9. Hearing and ANSI Z87 eye protection are required to enter the range
  10. No open toe shoes or sandals
  11. All firearms must be unloaded and stored in the armory when not in use
  12. Do not load until you are on firing line and it is your turn to shoot
  13. Do not cross yellow firing line for any reason
  14. Anyone may call for a cease fire at anytime
  15. Cease fire requires all firearms to be unloaded and breach open
  16. No one may use the facility under the influence of anything impairing judgment
  17. Any actions deemed unsafe and not corrected could result in removal from the facility
  18. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the facility for any reason without a refund
  19. Absolutely no hammer gun shotgun




  • No splatter type targets. (Sticks to floor and we must scrape off)
  • Brass casing pistol ammo only. Brass that hits the floor is range property.
  • You may bring your own factory ammo only.
  • No centerfire rifle or bottle neck cartridge.
  • No steel tip or casing ammo.
  • Firearms must be cased to and from the bench.
  • Shoot in your assigned lane only.
  • No cross lane shooting.
  • No rapid fire.
  • No holster draw unless CCL training with instructor.
  • Any errant or reckless shooting is cause for removal.
  • If you hear CEASE FIRE unload lock open and place firearm on bench.
  • Do not go past the bench for any reason.
  • Two persons per lane maximum.
  • Place brass in assigned bin only.
  • No food or drinks in pistol range.
  • No passing firearms between lanes.
  • No bench rest shooting.
  • Violations are cause for removal.


Must be 18 or have a parent or legal guardian waiver on file

  1. No open toe shoes or sandals
  2. No throwing axes if under the influence of any substance
  3. No throwing axe if there is another person down range in your lane
  4. Only two types of throwing styles aloud
    1. Two handed, over the head
    2. One handed, over the shoulder
  5. No trick throwing
  6. Must throw from end of mat
  7. Horse play will result in end of throwing without a refund
  8. Report any unsafe conditions or damaged axes to staff
  9. Excessive hard throwing is not allowed or required
  10. Staff will be happy to help you should you need instruction

Must be 18 or older to buy long gun ammunition. 21 to buy handgun ammunition.

(430 ILCS 65/2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-2)
Sec. 2. Firearm Owner’s Identification Card required;

(2) No person may acquire or possess firearm ammunition within

this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by the Department of State Police under the provisions of this Act.

(b) The provisions of this Section regarding the possession of firearms, firearm ammunition, stun guns, and tasers do not apply to:

(9) Nonresidents whose firearms are unloaded and enclosed in a case;

(11) Unemancipated minors while in the custody and
immediate control of their parent or legal guardian or other person in loco parentis to the minor if the parent or legal guardian or other person in loco parentis to the minor has a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card;

(15) A person who is otherwise eligible to obtain a
Firearm Owner’s Identification Card under this Act and is under the direct supervision of a holder of a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card who is 21 years of age or older while the person is on a firing or shooting range or is a participant in a firearms safety and training course recognized by a law enforcement agency or a national, statewide shooting sports organization;